Why chefs love cooking with Quorn

We are pioneering the future of foodservice and inspiring chefs with a delicious and versatile protein ingredient. It’s all part of our vision for Sustainable Nutrition™.

Quorn is deliciously versatile

Quorn is so versatile as an ingredient, you will be inspired to create a range of great tasting dishes. From on-trend street food or your most favourite classics, Quorn has more than 25 core foodservice products you can put your own twist on. And even better, you can even cook straight from frozen.

  • Easy to store and simple to use
  • Cooks straight from frozen, with minimal prep
  • Versatile enough to conjure up everything from stir fries to street food
  • Moreish meat-free options for any sort of cuisine, any meal of the day
  • 25 products guarantee tantalising variety for veggies and meat-lovers alike
  • Ideal for halal dishes, our mince is kosher and you get gluten-free options too
  • You’ve got good-to-go flavours and the freedom to season exactly as you want. It’s a flexitarian-friendly licence to be as creative as you dare

Quorn is a versatile protein

More and more consumers are reducing their meat intake and demanding healthier menu options without compromising on flavour. Quorn makes that challenge easy for chefs, with an inspirational range of ingredients that can cover some reassuringly positive health messages versus meat equivalents.

  • High in protein and fibre
  • Low GI index and low in fat, salt and calories
  • Low in allergens, soya-free as standard, plus gluten-free choices
  • No cholesterol and no nasty additives

Quorn – sustainable nutrition

Consumers and businesses alike are becoming more aware of the damage our world is suffering and the positive impact that reducing meat can have. We refer to it as sustainable nutrition. Take a look at some of the credentials our product range can offer:

  • Requires less land and water than intensive animal farming
  • Accredited by the Carbon Trust
  • Accredited by the Soil Association’s Food for Life programme
  • Bronze Food for Life compliant
  • Can help you reach Silver and Gold Catering Marks

Quorn is commercially sustainable

Flavour comes first, but with constant pressure on costs and margin – it’s important your menu is commercially sustainable too. Read on to find out more.

  • No shrinkage during cooking
  • Requires less per portion than equivalent meat
  • Delicious, filling and versatile for premium menus
  • A selling point that sees footfall and profits grow

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