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Eating Out

Getting back to business

It’s been an unprecedented time, and with uncertainty ahead, we’ve all had to make big changes and form new habits. Meat free is one habit that is here to stay and we are passionate about making the move to meat free easy for us all. You can find our latest sector trend document here, which is brimming with insights to help you build a stronger business post COVID.

Speaking with Chantelle Nicholson
Owner, Treadwells

What's your biggest concerns about getting back to business?

There are numerous concerns but the topline ones would be the safety of the team, providing enough income/work for the team, can we financially survive with a much lower amount of guests, how will the ambience of the restaurant be with social distancing measures, and how do we scale back the operation and still remain attractive to guests and work within these boundaries in a sustainable way (i.e. food waste, recyclables (namely PPE).

What do you look for from suppliers?

A desire to collaborate and support each other. I don't want to drive prices down as I think that is a vicious cycle, instead I want to look at ways we can work together on sustainable initiatives; delivery, sourcing, championing British produce.

Let’s build it back together

The announcement has been made and now as we make our way back into the world of eating out, we want to work together to create delicious, meat free dishes to satisfy customer’s appetites.

Recipes to get you going again

Perfect for delivery or takeaway. Delicious & simple meat free dishes to tempt your customers back.

Quorn Cajun Burger

Quorn Cajun Burger

Quorn Nacho Burger

Quorn Nacho Burger

Quorn Piri Piri Fillets & Slaw

Quorn Piri Piri Fillets & Slaw


Try our new range

New range of deli products – perfect for sandwiches, wraps and salads.

View range

Try our sustainability calculator

Reducing our CO2 is essential for the future of our planet. The reductions made from using Quorn can now be calculated, giving you the opportunity to show your CO2 savings on menus as a way to attract customers.

Try it now

Swapping beef mince for Quorn Mince in 200 meals saves the equivalent emissions of driving: 2648 miles in a petrol car

Quorn provides around 5-12g of fibre per 100g

Fibre and protein benefit factsheet

There are so many benefits to eating a high fibre diet that contains plenty of protein, Quorn has all these properties and more. Download our factsheet to find out more.


Supporting you

Working together is key to deliver delicious dishes that are better for your customers and the planet. There are 3 key practical ways we can support your meat free menu development & delivery.

Digital tools

Contact us to find out how our sustainability calculator can show your CO2 savings on your menus.

Cooking demonstrations

Watch online or arrange an online demonstration with our culinary team.

Marketing toolkit

From app ads to POS , we can support your menus.

Brand engagement

Working with Quorn ensures you have a partner that is well recognised for quality and one that people trust to deliver great products. Together we can create delicious food for the future.

An established brand

Over 6 million shoppers ensures our products are known and loved

Brand Awareness

97% brand awareness ensures instant recognition

Brand Presence

Quorn brand presense in QSR & OOH market = Trusted quality and engagement by consumers

Contact us

Have a question about Quorn, our products or how we can support you? Just fill in our online form and our dedicated foodservice team will get back to you

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