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It's Veganuary and we want you to join us. We want you to SWAP IT. It's simple really — think about the meals you are catering for this month and ask yourself: what could I swap to make it vegan? Whatever you’re swapping, Quorn is the perfect replacement. Each meal where you swap out meat for Quorn, you're not only saving water, land and reducing your carbon footprint, but you're making a healthy choice as well. So let's be clear: it's great for our health, it helps the planet and it tastes amazing. What more could you possibly ask for?

This January SWAP IT for Quorn, one bite at a time.


The Super Swap is soaring to schools! Quorn is great for everyone so we want kids to take part as well. The Quorn kid’s range is delicious, versatile, and nothing short of super. We have a one-pager that has a hand-picked selection of great recipes (focusing on hand-held and flexible eating) and all of the nutritional and sustainability swap information that you need.

You'll also receive stickers that will reward kids for swapping — just another reason for them to get involved in Veganuary and swap out their meat for Quorn sausages, nugget and fishless fingers. Sometimes, all it takes to be a superhero is to eat a meat free meal!


Why Swap It?

Swapping out just one meat dish for Quorn is an easy and effective way to do something good for you and the planet. Why not try a simple menu swap today on some dishes that pupils will love?


We have 3 key products - plus tons of easy, delicious recipes that you and your little ones can follow.


Some of our products are designed to be hand held making them perfect for at school or the park, others you can tuck into on a plate from the comfort of your home.


At Quorn we create dishes kids love! In a taste test, our sausages got the thumbs up from a whopping 93% of Netmums users.

Eating Out

In current times, the pub isn’t just for pints! It’s somewhere you can go and eat while doing your part to help the planet.

We'll provide you with the digital assets to promote the campaign across your platforms, along with the most amazing breakfast menu inspiration that you could ever need.

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Try our Veganuary calculator

Reducing our CO2 output is essential for the future of our planet and is something that we know many children are passionate about as well. The reductions made from swapping to Quorn this Veganuary can now be calculated, giving you an opportunity to visualise the CO2 savings that you can make as a school. Let’s see just how much we can save together!

Join us this January and Swap it, one bite at a time.

Try it

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