Quorn Foods is proud to support NHS Sustainability Day 2016

We are bringing back the successful ‘Sustainable Sausage Swap’ and ‘Sustainability Dish of the Day’ and want you to work with us to make a real difference.

What an impact this made in 2015! In just 2 hours we saved the NHS in each of the hospitals that switched to Quorn sausages and Quorn mince in staff/visitor restaurants:

• 25,000 Kcal
• 150kg of CO2
• nearly 10 tonnes of water
• and significantly increased dietary fibre

Join us on 24 March 2016 for even greater results! Click here to get involved.
Find out more about NHS Sustainability Day 2016

What is a sustainable diet?

Those diets with low environmental impacts, which contribute to food and nutrition security and to a healthy life for present and future generations. Sustainable diets are protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems. They are culturally acceptable, economically fair and affordable.

What are customers saying?

People are demanding more sustainable food. A recent study suggests that 77%* of consumers care about how their actions impact the environment – up from 69% in 2012. In addition, 74%* say they want more transparency on menus, compared to 65% in 2012. This is due in part to the horsemeat scandal and the food security issues it raised.

What are the impacts of a sustainable diet?

Quorn products are a sustainable solution

A healthier consumer – the opportunity

Reports suggest that 73% of the UK population is actively trying to be healthier – though 57% complain that there aren’t enough healthy options available when eating out*. In addition, the Live Well for LIFE organisation noted that 81% of consumers describe health as the most important consideration when it comes to food choices.

What can operators do?

Over 80 million meat free meals are made in the home each year. And with home-cooking habits impacting on consumer choices when eating out, this represents a significant opportunity for foodservice operators. What’s more, 29% of the adult population was classified as obese in 2012 – up from 22% in 2000. Experts warn that over 40%could be obese in ten years time. In this context, operators have a responsibility to contribute to improving their customers health. Operators can:

A Food for Life Catering Mark supplier

As part of our commitment to helping you create delicious meals that are healthy and sustainable, we have joined the Food for Life Catering Mark Supplier Scheme.

Our range of Quorn products meets specific requirements for the Catering Mark Bronze standard and can also help you upgrade to Silver and Gold under the Making Health Eating Easier section. Discover how we can help you achieve and maintain the Catering Marks.

For a full report on supporting a sustainable diet, click here to download a pdf of ‘Tomorrow’s Food Today’.

* Allegra Strategies, Eating Out in the UK, July 2013.