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Practice what you preach! Help staff stay healthy, NHS told

The head of the NHS in England has offered hospitals cash incentives if they help staff improve their health.

Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said: “As the largest employer in Europe, the NHS needs to practice what it preaches by offering better support for the health and well-being of our own 1.3 million staff.”

To spur boards into action, hospitals will be offered cash incentives. A £600 million pot has been set aside from April 2016. To get their share, hospitals must limit the availability of junk food and provide physiotherapy and mental health support.

The measures have been introduced to help cut the £2.4 billion a year it costs to treat NHS staff. Mental health and musculoskeletal problems are the two most expensive items on the bill.

To receive their share of the cash, hospitals must remove price promotions and checkout displays on sugary drinks and high-fat or salty foods. They’ve also been ordered to increase the number of front-line staff given the winter flu jab.

Justifying the decision, Simon Stevens said: “A good place to start is by tackling the sources of staff sickness absence including mental health and musculoskeletal injuries, while doing our bit to end the nation’s obesity epidemic by ditching junk food and sugary drinks in place of tasty, healthy and affordable alternatives. If we can do this well, we hope that more parts of the public and private sector will see the sense of it and also take the plunge.”

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Quorn Foods’ Tony Davison pulls back the curtain on Quorn in an exclusive interview with The Caterer

Tony Davison started at Quorn Foods over 20 years ago and in many ways his ambition to ‘normalise’ the brand has been realised. Today, meat free cuisine goes from strength to strength and Quorn meals are enjoyed in all areas of the foodservice industry. No longer ‘just for veggies’ Quorn can be an aid to tackling obesity and is a long-term food solution.

In an exclusive interview with The Caterer, Tony pulls back the curtain as he discusses the next stage of Quorn’s life after the acquisition of Marlow Foods by Filipino corporation Monde Nissin, the industry initiatives it’s involved in and the role it can play in the foodservice industry of tomorrow.

To read the full interview, click here.

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Small changes = huge calorie and fat savings this JanUary

This year’s JanUary awareness week (11-17 January 2016) urged individuals, families, government and businesses to improve their health and that of the UK as a whole. The ‘do something good for U’ message championed small, sustainable changes to ensure long-term positive change.

Quorn Foods accepted the challenge and partnered with NHS hospitals to promote the importance of healthy eating to staff and visitors and demonstrate how easy it is to make huge calorie and fat savings by switching to Quorn products.

Across 15 hospitals we set up sampling stations serving tasty Quorn dishes. We instantly saved the NHS staff and visitors that took part a total of:

– 50,000 calories1
– and 2.5kg of saturated fat1
– as well as increasing dietary fibre intake

Take a look at what we got up to in Crosshouse Hospital NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

With 90% less saturated fat and 53% fewer calories2, it really is easy to create delicious, healthier menu choices with Quorn.

Find recipe inspiration here

1. Based on 40g portion of Quorn Mince V’s 50g of Minced Beef (M&W 18-469), a 50g portion of Quorn Fillet V’s 80g Chicken Fillet (M&W 18-488) and 50g Quorn Sausage V’s 80g (80% Pork Sausage) M&W, on Quorn dishes sold on the day of the sampling.

2. Source: McCance and Widdowson: The Composition of Foods. Quorn mince versus beef mince nutrition comparison.

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Broadening protein horizons

Last week the Carbon Trust launched a report, sponsored by Quorn, on protein diversity.  The report examines if encouraging consumers to eat a wider variety of proteins could result in more sustainable diets. The answer was yes, which is good news for our health and the environment.

It has long been reported that we cannot continue to consume meat at the rate that our growing population currently does.  Resources are not infinite and the carbon emissions and water and land usage in livestock farming is not doing the planet any favours. There is also much debate over the health implications of certain meat products. So what are the alternatives?

There is a wide range of protein sources available to us. As well as livestock and fish, there is, of course mycoprotein (Quorn), plant-based proteins, and future foods, such as insect protein, algal protein and lab grown meat.

The big question is how do we influence such a significant shift in eating behaviours?

Foodservice has an important role to play in changing consumer habits and protein choices. Contract caterers, for example, are in a great position to control menu development and promote a range of options. Similarly, restaurants can create commercial opportunities through menu innovation that expands protein choices.

One thing is for sure. The health and environmental message alone is not going to change the traditional diets of the majority. Taste has to be the trump card. Great-tasting, flavoursome food is the driver to encouraging consumers to try and ultimately adopt alternative proteins.

The Quorn ingredient was championed as a sustainable protein option in the Carbon Trust report.  Our products can be used in a host of recipes to create innovative and delicious menu choices. From schools and hospitals through to the workplace, pubs and restaurants, Quorn products offer a fantastic opportunity to increase a menu’s protein diversity and offer consumers tasty, healthier and more sustainable options.

Download the Carbon Trust report here

Find Quorn recipe inspiration here

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The sausage roll breaks America!

It seems that (just like us), Brits are flabbergasted that our American cousins have until now been oblivious to the humble yet heroic snack, the sausage roll.

Last week, New York Times readers came across the pastry favourite for the very first time when the recipe was published in the City Kitchen column.

As well as generating widespread astonishment and debate as to how the sausage roll had never broken America, the news also triggered enthusiastic discussion on how the giant of snacks should be eaten.

Whatever your preference, the sausage roll is most definitely versatile (perhaps the secret to its longevity?) It can be adapted for all tastes and occasions, with many different twists on the traditional pork sausage centre having been created.

For those looking for a tasty meat free snack, sausage rolls made with Quorn sausages are delicious. And, with Christmas just round the corner, our home economist, Kate Snow, has created a real Christmas cracker for you – Quorn Christmas Cracker Sausage Twists. With the classic mix of tangy cranberry sauce and cool soft cheese, they are sure to make an impression on any festive menu. Get the full recipe here…

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Hospitals swap junk food for yoga

Junk food is to disappear from hospitals under a measure announced by the head of the NHS. Instead, yoga and Zumba dancing classes will be provided for nurses and doctors as well as weight-loss seminars and help to stop smoking.

Simon Stevens, the NHS England chief executive, wants an end to fast food chains selling fatty, sugary food in hospital foyers. He said: “It’s time for contractors and catering firms to ditch junk food from hospitals and serve affordable, healthy options instead. Staff, patients and visitors alike will benefit.”

Making a difference is simple – we have done it!  Working with the NHS Sustainability Campaign we have shown how staff, patients and visitors can make huge savings in fat, calories and cholesterol as well as significantly increasing dietary fibre.  And more importantly, this can be done by serving all your favourite meals.

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Millions face risk of diabetes

Up to five million people are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, according to an official report. Research by Public Health England reveals that millions of people in England have blood-sugar levels so high that they are on the cusp of diabetes.

However research also found that those who followed national guidance schemes lost almost 7lb more over a year than those who did not receive help. As a result, a new programme – the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme – will be launched next year with the aim of cutting the numbers developing Type 2.

Type 2 diabetes is treated by following a healthy diet and taking regular exercise, but some people may still need to take tablets or insulin injections. No foods are excluded or restricted for diabetics, with a healthy balanced diet the general rule.

Dining out doesn’t need to be a headache for those with diabetes.  Including menu choices that are lower in fat and sugar and rich in fruit and vegetables, helps them make the right choices out of home. Quorn products are a fantastic lower-fat alternative to meat that can really help caterers offer great-tasting healthier dishes that their customers will enjoy eating. With the same taste and texture of meat, Quorn ingredients, such as mince and pieces, work well in a host of traditional and contemporary dishes. Use in a favourite bolognese or curry for a healthier version that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Click here for delicious menu inspiration

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Alarm bells ring over diabetes increase

Four million people in Britain are now reportedly living with diabetes. This is 60% more than ten years ago and campaigners are warning that the growing crisis could bankrupt the NHS unless urgent action is taken.

According to the Health and Social Care Information Service, diabetes cost primary care providers in England £868.6million last year.

Diabetes UK is calling on the government and NHS to prioritise better care to prevent avoidable and costly complications, along with improved and more flexible education options. NHS England is also urging the public to take responsibility and adopt healthier lifestyles.

With less fat and calories than meat equivalents, Quorn products are perfect for creating healthier dishes for your menu. Simply replace the beef mince in a chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese with Quorn mince for a healthier and tasty favourite. Click here for more recipe ideas.

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Britain breakfasts like a king

One in three people often eat breakfast away from home, according to a new study, with the £76million spent on it daily, giving the economy a welcome boost.

Breakfasts cost on average £7.31, and almost two out of three people (65%) prefer bacon and eggs. Over half eat breakfast more often than they did five years ago, with eight in 10 of the 2,000 people questioned calling it their most important meal of the day.

Give your breakfasts a healthy boost and add Quorn sausage patties to your breakfast menu allowing you to offer the perfect vegetarian option.

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Teenagers are unaware they’re overweight

Over a third of overweight or obese teenagers think they are the correct weight, a study has found.

Published in the International Journal of Obesity, the study weighed and measured nearly 5,000 13-15 year olds and asked if they thought they were ‘about the right weight’, ‘too heavy’ or ‘too light’.

The paper expressed no surprise at the results stating that ‘weight is a topic of considerable interest in modern society, but messages are discordant’. With mass media coverage of obesity showing images of severely obese people, the wrong impression of the medical criteria for overweight and obesity could be misleading.

We work closely with schools to educate teenagers on healthy eating. If your school would like a visit from one of our team click here.

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