About Quorn

Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein – a unique and nutritionally healthy protein source, which is meat free, naturally low in saturated fat and high in fibre.

In the 1960s, Mycoprotein was first discovered living naturally in the soil in a field in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. This was a ‘eureka moment’ for food scientists looking for an alternative, sustainable protein source to counteract predicted world food shortages. Its discovery marked the beginning of a new food phenomenon.

Following years of research and development, this Mycoprotein was grown on a large enough scale to launch a range of products in the UK, which today is marketed and sold around the world as the Quorn brand.

Eating less meat is not only good for our health, but it’s also good for the environment – reducing the impact of livestock farming and the risk of diet-related disease on the NHS. As a result, UK consumers are actively seeking meat free choices.

The Quorn ingredient is a healthy protein which has the taste, appearance and texture of meat; perfect for creating meat free options or healthier versions of customers’ favourites.